Grace Wardrobe

Amazing grace how sweet the smell. No I was not about to start the hymn even tho I do really enjoy it. The last time I went into Sephora I picked up the Grace Wardrobe by Philosophy. Now I have never used any of their products before but I did have a sample back in the day of Amazing Grace. I just fell in love with this scent and when I was in Sephora I was going to buy myself one of the bottles but I ended up finding the Grace Wardrobe that not only came with a 60ml bottle of Amazing Grace but it also included Pure Grace, Inner Grace and Living Grace all of which are 10ml bottle sizes. 



I just love Amazing Grace, I love the smell it’s such a floral smell that I never would have expect to like. I wear this all the time and always get asked what I am wearing! So you can tell it is a good smell plus it makes me feel extra special because people want to smell like me haha!


Pure Grace is one of those clean smells! I find it reminds me of a spring rain if you know what I am talking about. It also reminds of me clean sheets on the bed. No it’s not a laundry smell it’s just a clean fresh smell!


Inner Grace reminds me of sitting in a field in during the summer reading a book. It brings me back to my childhood home where that is how I would spend my time. It’s just a nice memory of being back in the country.


Living grace is more of what I would normally wear. This one has more of a musky smell to it. This is generally what I go for in a perfume. Although it has a musk smell to it it’s still a very feminine scent.


This overall set is a great gift for someone whom loves perfume. It is also a great gift to give to yourself if you know you love Amazing Grace but don’t know if you want to commit to a full size of one of the others. There are also different kinds of sets you can buy like the mini roller set. I would suggest to buy that one if you really don’t know what kind of scent you want to smell like or if you just don’t know what to get! Just don’t be scared and go out of your comfort zone for perfume! I did and look what happened!

***I just came back to this post a few days after writing it just to make sure everything is looking good and in order and I realized reading it over that the names of each scent and the description I have for each of them really does go with the name! My hat is off to you Philosophy***



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