Red Lipstick

As you know or don’t I am a lover of a good red lip! Let you in on a secrete if I see someone wearing red lips of any shade I tend to stare at their lips… kinda creepy right? I don’t mean for it to be or sound creepy! I have spent many times looking for a new lipstick in a red shade and I too have spent a lot of money on them! 

Colourpop is one of my favourite brands to buy! I just love all of their products and trust me I have a lot! Their lipsticks are just amazing! I find that their liquid matted lipstick is the best for lasting all day! They do dry out your lips tho so make sure to keep your lips hydrated! Their cream lipstick is also very nice and smooth and super easy to apply! All of their products are very pigmented! You can shop online from them here.


I know my mac looks messed up but that’s from a mistake one summer when I forgot it in my car but it is still good! I really should go buy a new one.


dsc_3261 dsc_3259

The beauty of red lips is there are SOOO many choices not only from brands, shades and even the formula! Too Faced has some of the nicest liquid lipstick! They are super creamy and go on very smooth and are very soft once dry.




Smashbox is a company I haven’t ever used before so I took a shot with their liquid lipstick Bawse. I find this is a good classic red and I am always on the hunt for a classic red.


 A lot of people believe that you need to buy high-end makeup for it to be good when in-fact they couldn’t be more wrong! Some of my favourite lipsticks are from the drugstore!


Revlon is one of my favourite drugstore companies to buy lipstick from.



One of my all time favourite drugstore lipsticks is Rimmel Kate Moss in 107. dsc_3265

The drugstore is a great place to get all kinds of lipsticks for a good price if you can’t afford higher end lines.


dsc_3278 dsc_3276 dsc_3274dsc_3279

I love that you can buy lipstick in a crayon style. I do like to use these more so as a lip liner.


dsc_3285 dsc_3283 dsc_3282 dsc_3281

I am always on the hunt for some new shades or even brands to try let me know in the comments what your favourite brand and shades are so I can try them!




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