Cat Costume

With tomorrow being Halloween and now that I live in a town I get to hand out candy! This is very exciting for me because growing up in the country everyone would go to the nearest town. So not only have I bought candy to hand out but I also bought some things to decorate the house. I am excited to see the kids dressed up! My street is FULL of kids so I know it should be a good year. I remember as a child the best houses to go to were the ones where the adults are dressed up! So even tho I don’t do anything for Halloween I know I want to dress up!

Now I knew I wanted to dress as a cat and I even bought this huge cat head but I can’t see very well through it and it looks very weird. I do have fun chasing my cats in it tho!

I ended up buying one of the moving mouth head masks and this thing is SO much fun! I find it very creepy and funny at the same time but this mask I really can’t see and it is very hard to breathe but it does look very real plus my cats try to attack me when I wear it.

So I went back to the Halloween store to see if I could come up with a cat costume that was both easy to breathe and see! I ended up picking up a couple of cat ears and tails in hopes that something works! I ended up also buying liquid latex in hopes to make a cat mouth. I also found whiskers and cat gloves. I also thought that I could use spirit gum to glue the whiskers to my face.


Now I have NEVER used liquid latex or spirit gum and this may or may not work out but this is why I have done a practice run! Funny thing is I have yet to try this! I am writing some of this post before even doing this and I am just about to head to the store to pick up some cotton balls because in any video I have seen when making an extinction with liquid latex there is always cotton balls being use!


So wish me luck that this all works out then again all you have to do is keep reading this post to find out when I have a few hours before I find out!

Well I have learned 2 things one spirit gum hurt to remove! Two liquid latex smells SO bad and the fumes burned my eye to the point I was in tears! Also when putting this over your nose it is very hard to breathe and when talking I sounded like I was sick!

This was my first time every using this stuff and I didn’t really know what I was doing but I sure tried my best and I feel like I ended up looking like a cat in the end! I even added cat contacts but turns out the solution they were in I am allegoric to! My poor eyes during all of this!


The hardest part of all of this was the whiskers! I now know how to make them better by poking holes into the upper mouth part, I just used the spirit gum to glue them on but they didn’t want to stay on very well.


Because I did this on Saturday it was also national cat day! This is a video from my snapchat my username is olesyad if you want to follow me!

I am very happy with the end result I do find it looks good plus my cats were all scared of me, my one cat was even all puffed up! Hope you all have a safe Halloween!


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