Top Halloween Movies

With Halloween just around the corner it’s time to watch some scary movies! I don’t really like watching scary movies, never have! I get scared very easy and I rather not be scared! So normally I just watch the typical Halloween movies. These are my top movies to watch at Halloween! 


There is no way you can get by Halloween without watching at least one Tim Burton movie and it better be The Nightmare Before Christmas!


One of the best things about being a child in the 90’s was the tv shows and the movies! Need to make sure to have some classics! I remember watching Goosebumps all the time and I also owned a lot of the books!


I was never really one that was interested in Charlie Brown but I sure did like the great pumpkin movie! I know Disturbia and Ouija are not Halloween movies but one Shia Labeouf is so hot and two I know there are a lot of stupid people who play with Ouija boards on Halloween! DON’T DO IT!


If someone tells me that they do not like Hocus Pocus well I am sorry but we can’t be friends! It is one of the requirements to be my friend! I just love this movie and Bette Midler is just amazing in it! Then again I just love her movies and music! Do you know what Sanderson’s sister you are? Go take the BuzzFeed quiz here and let me know your results in the comments! I am of course Winnie and that really doesn’t surprise me at all!


What are some of the movies that you love to watch for Halloween? Let me know down below!


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