Cold Weather Lazy Day

I love a good ol’ lazy day! I don’t know many people who don’t. I find there are rules tho in order to have a good one! None of this going out to food shop or anything like that! Cleaning is not being lazy and that does include laundry even tho if my lazy day is on the weekend I do end up doing laundry!

My number one rule tho is to stay in comfy clothes hell sometimes I won’t even get out of my pjs! I love wearing a toque, scarves and a heavy cozy sweater! I also make sure not to do my hair or put on makeup!


I always make sure to make myself a cup of tea or something hot whatever you fancy! Make myself a snack or if I really want to be lazy I will order takeout and have it delivered.


Grab my hot tea, food, get a blanket and relax on the couch and just watch some movies. I also like to have my computer near by to do some work like writing part of my book or even writing a post for here. I do also like to play games on my computer like The Sims 4! I have been a simmer since the first sims game was released, if that isn’t dedication I don’t know what is!


I also like to do a face mask you can read more about them on my Face Masks post that I have written. Having a lovely hot bath with of course lush bath bombs, bubble bars and even bath oil is always a good thing to do to make a lazy day relaxing! Sometimes I don’t even want to have a bath I will just go into the hot tub and just relax with some music and sometimes I will even bring a book to read.


You can’t have a lazy day without lots of warm blankets and flannel sheets on the bed! These are a must for the cold weather!


Throughout the day I do also make sure to have many cozy cuddles with my cats! There is no better animal that knows the word lazy like cats or at least my cats!



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