DIY Pumpkin Decorations

Fall is in the air! Pumpkin spice everything is out there and yes I have already had many pumpkin spice drinks and even food. One of the many things I love about the fall is pumpkins and how people decorate them, no I am not talking about carving them that is a different post that is coming! The amazing craft ideas people can do is just awesome!

While at Michael’s one of my favourite stores I was looking through their classes and saw this fake pumpkin decor thing and I thought it was really cute but I knew I could do a better one (sorry Michael’s). I ended up going back another day and buying everything that I needed and let me just say I think they look amazing and so festive plus I can use them every year! 

I ended up picking up everything 50-75% off only because they had all their Christmas stuff out already and let me just say it was very hard not to buy anything Christmas!


The first thing I did was actually plug in my glue gun. I cut all the fake leaves and berries with some wire cutters, I did try to use just scissors but nothing was happening.


For my first pumpkin I just ended up glueing everything where I wanted it, I didn’t have a plan on how it should look just more so making sure everything looked good and that you couldn’t see the stump.




For the second I ended up not really using the glue as it was super easy to just push the wire from the leaves and berries into the pumpkin and also I burned one of my fingers from the glue! Not only did I choose not to use a lot of glue I ended up taking a different view on this one it was like it spoke to me! I actually like the second one A LOT more!




After all of that was done I just ended up using the mini hay barrels for part of the set up and this is then when one of my cats decide to come join the photo shoot!


All in all this project was a lot of fun for me to do besides burning my finger print off! Not only that but my mom absolutely loves them and so do I, now our house looks a little bit more festive!







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