3 Month Post Op

Well it has been another month of healing. I am sure that for most people the past 3 month have just gone by so fast…  well for me it has felt like years and years!

2 New Legs Please

New Leg On The Way

Month One Post Op

2 Month Post Op

In the past month I have had A LOT of changes! I am no longer on crutches anymore, I now have this cool cane I say cool because it has a built in flashlight and a horn. Actually I don’t use my cane anymore unless I am in a lot of pain. It seems that ever since I switched to a cane my life has been go go go. Seeing how I can now walk I have started doing the renovations in my office and I can’t wait for it to be all finished and show what it looks like. Aside from the reno I have also been doing a lot of other projects.

I still go to my physical therapy each week and now have better range of motions then the average person so I am told. There are still a lot of things I can’t do and somethings I will never be able to do again but the amount of things I will be able to do is crazy!

My scar so I am told is healing very nice, I still hate having it and was going to get it tattooed over when the time was right but after doing a lot of thinking I think I will just leave the scar. I have never wanted a tattoo there before. I love tattoos but on myself I just never had the interest in getting anything there. Maybe in the future I will but as of right now I really don’t and it takes me a good 2-5 years before I can finally get a tattoo, I need to make sure it is what I really want!

A week ago I headed to Toronto for another post op, the good news is my bone is now as heeled as it will get, the bad news my leg still isn’t strong enough to handle the next surgery. I am okay with this tho! I have to go back in January to see if the muscles are strong enough and I will also be getting X-rays on my other leg and basically this will be the first step to the next surgery!

The only think I hate about having to wait so much longer for the next surgery is that I could be recovering during my birthday AGAIN! The good part about waiting longer besides knowing that my leg will be good and strong is I get more time walking before I have to go through this all over again.

Fingers crossed that everything works out and that the next surgery goes better than the last, well just the recovery part!




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