Stop The Hate

Today 15 years ago the world changed. The city of New York and Washington had the most tragic terrorist attack. The thing is we always remember this day and that the twin towers were forever gone, the day that the pentagon had a huge hole in it. I actually don’t think a lot of people remember what happened to the pentagon. I also think that unless it directly affected you or your family then you only remember on this day or at least when there is a terrorist attack.

Why do we only remember one day? Why don’t we remember each and every day? Is it because we don’t want to be sad about what happened? Is it because for most of us it didn’t affect our families directly? Is is because we have moved on with life?  Instead of thinking about the loss of all the men and women why not remember how strangers near and far from different countries came together to help both New York City and Washington City!

Why not remember the amount of police, paramedics, nurses, doctors, firefighters and so many more that came to help find survivors. What about all the families that took in strangers so that there was more people to help with the clean up. What about all the shelters that were receiving many amounts of donations. What about the grief counselors that would work extra to help the families going through the difficult time. Or how about the flight attendants whom tried to stay calm knowing that they were going to be killed. There are so many more men, women, children and even animals that worked so hard to help with the clean up and letting the two cities know that we are here to help.

I feel like when we look back on this day we just think about how the skyline has changed and that’s about it. No one wants to remember the heartbreaking tragedy that happened. Well I remember all the time. The world has been affected since this day. Flying is now a huge fear for many many people. People now assume that someone who wears a turban or a hijab is a terrorist. Because of the choice that a few people made that killed so many innocent people we now just assume that someone of that race or religion is also a terrorist? Not everyone is going to have a bomb under their turban! Not all women whom wear hijab are forced to. Not all black skinned men and women are “gangsters”. Somewhere in our life we have let someone drill into our brains that someone of a specific race or religion fits into this tiny box with labels all over it.

Whenever I here a racist commit I don’t find it funny, I have no issue speaking up and standing up for those who are being targeted! We talk about how we all want to break the stereotypes of how men and women are or even a breed of dog yet when it comes to the colour of ones skin or their religion all of a sudden we need to keep that person in that tiny labeled box. I say not! Instead of staring at someone for whatever reason and judging them based off of what you see why not think of how they live their life? Muslims live in fear thankfully not all! Women are always considered the victims of abuse of any kind. Elderly are automatically put into the idea that they can’t do anything. The family’s that travel here to live in a safe country are mocked at and yelled at because they don’t speak english or they are taking all of our jobs? I am sorry but this is all just crap! How about instead of complaining you think about how they had to leave their homes to a strange country while you sit in your home with food in your fridge and clothes on your back playing on your smart phone. Have you actually ever thought about how much you have?

I considered myself rich because I have everything I need, a roof over my head, clothes, food, family, friends and love! Everything else is just a want!

I grew up not to judge someone based off of their skin colour, size, sexual orientation, religion or anything like that! I have always judged someone on what their heart says! If someone speaks of love then I want to know that person. If someone speaks of hate then I want to educate that person. Can we just all stop the hate! How is this a good place to raise our children or our future children?

You may wonder how this is all to do will 9/11…  well because someone spoke with hate and instead of learning they just kept hating while influencing the minds of others who didn’t know better and no one was there trying to teach them right from wrong. Yes there are people who no matter what you say you can never change their minds but that doesn’t mean you should be silent! It all starts with one uneducated person and then an innocent person gets killed. So I ask you to stand up to hate and spread love! Live each and everyday knowing that your safe because of someone who stands up to hate. Thank the many men and women in public service whom many risk their lives each and every day so that you can live a safer tomorrow!



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