Cold & Flu

Aside from school back in session and the colder weather coming this also means the awful cold and flu season! I hate hate HATE getting sick! My insides seem to want to leave my body and everything hurts even my hair! Plus not breathing doesn’t help! I feel like I am going to die and I will look at pictures of when I was not sick and happy and how much I miss it! I don’t know about you but when I get sick I am SICK! It can last up to a month sometimes longer. The other bad thing is I am also very pron to getting bronchitis and that makes my life SUPER hard to breathe! Growing up it seemed like I was always sick and now if I see someone with a cold I go all Donal Trump on them and build a wall up and keep them as far away from me as possible!


In my many many years of getting sick I now have a list of must haves for when I am getting sick or if one of my parents are sick and I don’t want to get it! Aside from the typical cough syrup, vapour rubs and all the pills for everything under the sun I also have my list of what I call my sick food. No lie when I am getting a cold I ask my dad to buy my sick food and for the most part he knows what to buy!

When I was younger my mom would make me drink this nasty lemon and honey drink, the nasty part of it was that it was a powder you put in hot water and it just always tasted gross! When I got older I ended up just cutting a lemon and adding honey into water and let me just say this tastes 100% better than that crap my mom would make me drink.


My favourite thing when I was sick was what my parents and I have always called a Lorrie salad. Yes I am sure there is a correct name for this but we only called it that because the man whom introduced us to it was my dads best friend so it only seems right to name it after him and more so since he passed away! All it is is tomato, english cucumber, garlic lots and lots of garlic and vinegar. You can use any type of vinegar you want but I personally enjoy balsamic.

Aside from eating a Lorrie salad I also REALLY enjoy eating pickles! Can you tell that I am European?


Now you can’t be sick without drink a good old fashion ginger ale float! Nothing makes you feel better than ginger ale and ice cream! Plus it would help with the acid from the vinegar!

Besides the must have food and drinks the other part of getting sick is getting to watch movies and tv plus I tend to have more baths to try to relax my muscles not to mention all the kleenex I go through so I do suggest getting some that have the lotion to help reduce the irritation. I also suggest not using the same toothbrush and lip balm for when you are starting to feel better! You don’t need to keep the germs around to get you sick again!

What are some of you sick day must haves? Let me know in the comments! No one wins when you’re sick.


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