Summer Favourites

Well summer has come and gone kinda… we still have a few weeks before fall but because its September now it’s basically fall! Due to the fact that I spent my summer recovering from my surgery I wasn’t able to go out like at all unless it was for a doctor! So most of my favourites are thanks to surgery… that is one way to look at it I guess.

One of the things I needed for the hospital was a robe there was NO WAY I was going to have my butt out for everyone to see… The only time I ended up using my robe was as a blanket because I kid you not it is SO cozy and I still wear it all the time but it’s also very warm! Can’t wait until winter to have it keep me all warm and cozy! I bought mine from Bed Bath & Beyond you can buy one here. (I don’t have a picture of my robe because well when I was taking the pictures it was way to dirty from when I spilled my tea so it’s in the wash!)

Okay for all of my 90’s kids out there we all loved Pokemon growing up. I used to have SO many cards and I actually still have all my shinys somewhere not going to lie I hope they are worth something! Well this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone but I just love playing Pokemon Go! It brings back memories from elementary school. The only thing that sucks about me playing it is because I had my surgery I couldn’t go anywhere to catch them so I would use the incense and lucky egg so I could catch them unless I was going to Toronto to see my surgeon then I would catch SO many; they are all over Toronto!


Another thing I bought for the hospital was adult colouring books. Now I have bought them in the past before and do enjoy them I even have a mouse pad one but I wanted something new. I didn’t actually do any colouring in the hospital but I sure did when I was out! The hardest part about buying them is having to choose! There are SOOO many out there on the market and I still don’t know why I don’t own a Harry Potter one yet!


Back in May I flew out to Arizona for a week to visit family and not going to lie I didn’t want to come back home most of the time! I just love Arizona so much and there is just something about it but living in Canada we sadly don’t have Target anymore and when I was there I must have gone shopping there so many times! One of the many things I picked up in Target was their brand Up & Up Makeup Remover Wipes. I normally buy Simple and love them but the Target brand was just AMAZING! I just love it; thankfully Target now ships to Canada so I can keep buying them! I have yet to find a makeup remover that works as good as the Up & Up!


If you don’t know I love shoes! I am not kidding I must own at least 100 pairs of footwear! Yet I don’t get to wear most of them sadly! So as one of my birthday gifts I got to get yet again another pair of shoes but not just any shoes no but converse! I have always loved converse and have owned a few in the past and one of my favourites I have owned actually really hurt my feet but they are so cute so I wear them… Well my gift was high tops seeing how I was told to get a pair from one of the many nurses I had in the hospital and I was not about to ask a lot of questions because again I love shoes! I really wanted to get a light grey colour but I would have had to pay almost 3 times the money to get then to ship from the UK. I knew I didn’t want black not sure why as black is a colour I love to wear so I ended up getting the white ones and let me say in my opinion I think they look great when I have a pair of black skinny jeans! Now I haven’t been able to walk a lot with them but so far 2 thumbs up! (Yes I know my shoes arn’t clean! They are white it was only a matter of time, but any tips on how to keep them clean please let me know!)


Aside from shoes I also LOVE water! Always have and always will! I have never been the type that has issues getting in my daily amount of water if anything there are times when I am scared I have overdosed on it and yes that is possible! For those who don’t know coconut is a big part of my life and one day while shopping coconut water was on sale and it was a very long time since I had some so I bought it. Well now I will drink 1 liter of coconut water a day and I actually could drink A LOT more. The best thing is that it is way more hydrating for the body and also coconut has A LOT of benefits for the body in so many forms! I kid not when I tell people I have coconut everyday!


So seeing how I couldn’t do really anything all summer but watch movies and tv that ment it was a summer full of Netflix! Now the other bad part of it is that I have seen so many things that there seems to never be anything good or new on there because again I live in Canada and sadly we don’t have as many options as the USA does! This summer there were 2 shows that I would watch one being Scream the thing I hated was that there was only a new episode each week and yes I know that is like on tv but hello this is Netflix I need to binge watch the full seasons! Aside from Scream another show I love so much is Mrs Browns Boys! If you haven’t seen this show than sorry to say you are missing out on life! I first heard of this show way back when my friend from England showed me a video clip of it and well I had to run to the bathroom because I was about to pee my pants! If you have seen this show I am talking about the bikini waxing scene! I love that Netflix has the first 3 seasons and 3 Christmas specials and I have already watched them a good 6 times!


Let me know what some or all of your summer favourites were! Also what are you excited for now that fall and winter are on their way.






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