Face Masks

Oh the joys of a good face mask! Call me crazy but I just LOVE the feeling of my skin after I do one but I do make sure not to touch my face a lot, don’t need to get all the dirt and oils from my hands on my clean face! I also actually like the feeling when you can’t move any part of your face when it’s all dry; it’s also very funny when you’re with friends and no one can move their face! 

There are SO many different types of masks out there now and it seems like there are so many new kinds that keep popping up I just can’t keep up anymore! Aside from the typical mud mask you can get there are also peel off kinds and the ever so creepy sheet make! Anytime I wear one I always think of Silence of the Lambs!


I personally do a face mask 2-3 times a week and depending on the time of the year, how my skin is and how I am feeling will depend on why type I use. I don’t always use a mud mask more so after my period when I feel like I need a good deep clean. I tend to just use a peel off mask, something light and refreshing! Sometimes I will use the sheet masks but I just find that they don’t fit my face very well and they are just so cold haha! And again SILENCE OF THE LAMBS!!!


If you’re like myself and have the lovely dark circles under your eyes then I suggest going out and picking up a mask just for under your eyes! I absolutely love these! I always use it at least once a month sometimes more depending how tired and stressed I am! The only part I don’t like is that you have to keep them in the fridge and again its cold on the under eyes!


One of my other favourite things about face masks is that you can buy them anywhere; online, in a drug store or a high end store. Or if you rather you can make your own but that is a post for a different time!

What are some of your go to face masks? Let me know so I can check them out seeing how I am always on the hunt for some new ones to try!


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