Coming Back To Youtube

If you follow me on my Youtube channel then you will know that I haven’t been posting any videos for a long time now. Well, that is all about to change!
 Starting September 5th I will be posting a new video every Monday. Now I know I have said this in the past but I never was able to keep with it. I loved filming and editing videos but I found myself not really enjoying to much of what my channel was looking like. I do absolutely love beauty and makeup but I don’t want my channel to be a beauty channel just like this blog I don’t want to be known as a beauty person. I will still be posting makeup videos and fun things like that but this time there are going to be other type of videos that I hope at least one person would enjoy. Maybe even help them somehow… that would make my day if I was able to help someone!

 I am going to be putting more of myself out there. I am not going to hold back and well I think I was filming the way I thought my videos should look, so there are going to be a lot of changes! Not only will I not be filming in my room well at least not all the time but I am excited for the new changes! My videos will now be more of who I am as a person from some stories from my past, my mental health,  product reviews and if I have friends that are brave enough I will even do some of those challenges that we all love to watch.
 In the past I was posting my videos on a Sunday but I will be now posting on Monday’s and not only that but some weeks may have an extra video i.e. a holiday, birthday or anniversary.
 I am also always up for suggestions as to what you would like to see or if there is a review you would like to see just let me know! I do hope you will enjoy the new videos I will have!

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