2 Month Post Op

I cannot believe it has already been 2 months since I had my surgery, actually I can because it feels like it has been a year! The time has gone by so slow and it doesn’t help that I wasn’t able to do anything but watch tv or read.

2 New Legs Please

New Leg On The Way

Month One Post Op

Last week I headed to the city to go for my 2nd post op seeing how my last one didn’t go the way I was hoping at all! That made this time just as nerve-racking! I knew everything that was going to happen so that helped but still waiting to hear about how my bone is healing and if I can start learning to walk made it hard on me! I hate being on crutches and when you can’t put ANY weight on a leg it makes crutches even worse! Plus I hate driving downtown Toronto! I will say I was able to catch A LOT of Pokemon! Just so you know I wasn’t actully driving my dad was so no driving while catching Pokemon!

I do have to say that my upper body strength is crazy strong and I was already strong before so now I feel like I can do a pull up (please don’t make me do one). Sorry just a random thought that I felt you need to know.

Well, I was so happy when I was talking to my surgeon! He informed me that everything is starting to heal very well and that I can now start to learn how to walk! This is a big thing for me! Not only that but I was informed that in 3-4 weeks I should be off of my crutches! That really made me happy. Plus I no longer have to wear my stupid brace, okay it isn’t stupid but it was hurting A LOT more to wear it then not. Plus I would only wear it in the car. I may have to get a new brace though just to help with support but it all depends on how I do with walking.

You would think the best news I received was that I can learn how to walk but sorry you’re wrong! The best news was that I am able to start swimming again! This honestly just made me SO happy! For those who didn’t know before my surgery I was swimming 2-3 km 5 times a week and to have to stop all of a sudden has been a killer!

Tuesday was my first time back in the water and there were quite a few struggles I had but I am the type that can’t just give up when I really want something! Thankfully I was able to over come my obstacles! Once I was in the water I had to try walking and it was VERY weird for me to walk without my crutches, remember I have been on crutches for 2 months so to all of a sudden to not have them was scary for me but I knew that if I fell it was only in the water so it wouldn’t hurt! It was only about 5 minutes before I wanted to try freestyle swim and again very weird because I don’t have the strength in my leg to have my powerful kick I use to have. I felt like I was swimming super slow. I ended up getting my dad to time me as I swam 50 meters without hurting myself and to my surprise I was only 20-30 seconds slower than I was pre surgery!

Ontop of swimming I also have to bike just not on the road sadly! Even if I was able to take my bike to the road it wouldn’t work due to the fact the inner tube in my wheel has a huge hole in it so I need to get that fixed. I was on the bike at my physical therapy and in 6 and a half minutes I was able to bike 1.6 miles… I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but for only having surgery 2 months ago and not using the muscles in my leg it’s a big step!


I have to go back to see my surgeon again near the end of September to get yet again another x-ray to make sure everything is doing good and if it is then I get to book the same surgery for my right leg for the new year and go through this all over again! At least this time I will have a better idea of what to expect and how to somewhat keep busy! I will say the blog is keeping me busy if you could see my planner you would understand! Very very busy! Hint hint nudge nudge December is going to be a good month for posts!

Again I have included pictures of my x-rays and although they look different it is just the angle of my leg…. but this time you can see clearly where my bone was cut in half!

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 7.57.42 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 7.57.56 PM



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