Classic Movies

Like most people I know I am a huge movie lover but my taste in movies are all over the place. As much as I like the new movies that are being made now I can’t help but love the classics. These are the movies I grew up watching and even tho I am 28 you wouldn’t expect someone my age to know about most of these but I thank my parents for introducing them into my childhood. My mom will still say how its funny that a lot of my favourite movies are the ones she grew up with. 

DSC_2105.jpgI know I am not the only one that loves having a movie night. If you have seen any of these movies then you know just how amazing and classic they all are! If you haven’t then go watch them! I can promise you will laugh, cry and just enjoy your time! The best part is all of these movies are family safe so you can watch them with grandma and grandpa and if you do watch one of the movies with them I bet you they will have either seen it or heard about it from way back in the day!

This would be the perfect date for me! Just getting all cozy under the blanket, pour a glass of red wine, light some candles or light a fire and just watch all the classics but put away the cell phone!

Let me know how you like to have a movie night. What are some of the movies on your classic list?





As you can see one of my cats wanted to photobomb and yes she stole some popcorn.


You can watch the trailers to all of the movies! ENJOY!!!

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

Mary Poppins

Tommy Tricker

The Godfather 1-3

Georgy Girl

Breakfest At Tiffany’s

The Wizard of Oz


Coal Miner’s Daughter


The Sound of Music

My Girl

Driving Miss Daisy

To Sir With Love (my copy has gone missing)



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