Top 3 Makeup Products

If you ever go to Sephora then you know it is very easy to spend all your money! I always have a budget and sometimes I have been able to stick to it but most of the time I spend way more than I should. With everything to buy I thought I would write my top 3 makeup products that are a must in my life! Just because these are my top 3 doesn’t mean that I don’t love all types of makeup! I have a good size makeup collection and it keeps growing, if you are a makeup lover like myself then you understand!

Foundation is a big must have! If you buy the wrong type for your skin it could put you off forever! Not only do you need to take into consideration the type the foundation is but the tone! DO NOT and I mean DO NOT ever test the colour on your hand or wrist! ALWAYS test it on your jaw line! If you are in Sephora then just ask one of the many lovely sales associate to give you a skin id test. It is quick and simple and the best part of it is that your skin tone will show up in all of their foundation that they sell so you will always know what number/name to get plus you can get the information emailed to you. This is how I learned that my skin tone is a lot darker than I thought it was, but remember in winter your skin tone is different from summer! I would recommend you get a skin id test in summer and winter to make sure you know what you are! Depending on where I am going or the time of the year will determan what type of foundation I use. I love matted but I do also like something with a dewy look. Most of the time I go for Too Faced Born This Way and almost all the time I am singing Lady Gaga Born This Way in my head. My other go to foundation is Nars Sheer Glow.


Mascara opens up everyone’s eyes and if I could only have one makeup product for the rest of my life then it would have to be mascara but please don’t make me only have that I love all my makeup! Again there are different types of mascara from waterproof to fiber extinctions but I don’t recommend these as the little “fluff” gets into your eyes and it hurts like hell! Not all mascara comes in black you can get brown or even blue! I actually love my blue one it really makes my green eyes pop! Unless you are going to be around water or an area where there is a chance of getting wet I wouldn’t recommend buying waterproof it just makes it a lot harder to take off at the end of the day. My most go to mascara is Too Faced Better Than Sex and Rimmel Kate Moss.


Last but not least a bold red lip is the best! I like to be outside of the box and have a red lip all year long not just the fall and winter like when it is in season. There are SO many good shades of red lipstick and again so many different kinds! I love matted more than anything one because it last long and also because it just looks nice. I do wear glossy ones too but most of the time I go for matted. I am ALWAYS looking for a new red from a bright red to a berry red. My favourite red lipstick has to be Russian Red by Mac I am going to be honest I bought it for the name before I saw what it looked like and then when I did try it on I just fell in love. Sadly I left mine in the car one hot day and well I came back to it all melted but I can still wear it thanks to using a lip brush. If I am not wearing my Mac Russian Red then it is almost always ColourPop!


As much as I love going shopping at Sephora I do also really love drugstore brands not just because it is easy on my wallet but also because you can find some really good products! I didn’t include all the foundations, mascara and red lipsticks that I own just the ones I use the most.



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