Life Is Strange REVIEW

Back in the winter I found out about a game called Life Is Strange and I wanted to know what it was all about so I headed over to youtube and found gameplay videos and after hours of watching Suzy Lu play the game I just knew I wanted it. Sadly at the time the game was only available on PS4. Last week it was announced that you could get the first episode for free, I was so excited when I found out it was also released for Mac. I didn’t download the first episode I already knew I wanted the game and it was on sale via Life Is Strange website.

Life Is Strange is not like any other video game I have played… ever! You play a very shy Max Caulfield whom is an aspiring photographer. As you play the game Max becomes less shy and starts taking huge risks in order to help out her childhood best friend Chloe whom I must say is a rocker type who likes to smoke her weed. The game is based out of a small town Arcadia Bay where Max is a student at high school. The game starts with a crazy storm with a huge tornado, where out of no where Max wakes up in photography class with Mark Jefferson whom is her favourite teacher. After class Max goes to the bathroom to splash some water on her face to try to calm down from what was a very vivid dream. While in the bathroom Max sees a beautiful butterfly and being a photographer she must take a picture, this is where things get crazy and Max learns she has the ability to rewind time. It’s from this point that the game sucks you in!
Bing a typical high school there is of course the popular crowd including Victoria whom is queen bee of the bitch club! If you have been to high school then you know that the queen must have her king and that is where Nathan steps in. There is also the typical shy girl whom is always bullied. A crazy security guard and Max’s friend whom is trying his hardest to get out of the dreaded friend zone. There is also this sketchy drug dealer but he has an adorable dog, Max’s mom who is remarried  to David the crazy security guard. It wouldn’t be a twisted game unless there was a missing person sadly Rachael hasn’t been seen and it seems only Chloe and Frank actually care about her whereabouts.

There are 5 episodes in the game and each episode takes a good hour if not more to play. You will have to really pay attention to the game because your actions will dictate the outcome throughout the game. I really enjoy the story line but this game takes you on a ride full of emotions. The choices you have to make are no joke it honestly affects the life of the other charters in many ways! Whilst playing the game there were times where I had to make a tough choice and at times it would take me a good 5-10 minutes to choose! On top of having to make such a difficult choice throughout the game there were times where I would be in tears! The writing and the story line just brings your heart into it and then crushes it. I was able to play the full game in only 2 days and at the end I was not only in shock but in full on tears!

The music is another part of this game that is just amazing. The songs just went perfect with the story. I now want to purchase the soundtrack!

While this is a very emotional game I would recommend this to teenagers and adults. Mind you I should warn you that no only is there weed in the game but there is a lot swearing so if you are younger than I would suggest having a parent or older sibling to buy you the game. Just make sure to have a box of kleenex by your side.

Life is strange is available on Mac, PC, PS4, PS3, XBOX ONE, XBOX 360. To download the first episode for free click here. Trust me you won’t be disappointed!

This game also touches on bullying and how it can affect someones life, not only that but there is also students with depression and other mental illness. I applaud the writers for the idea of the game and



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