Month One Post Op

Well the other day was my one month since my High Tibial Osteotomy with Rotation. If you are thinking what are you talking about then you will want to read my last post New Leg On The Way and get yourself all caught up. So as you now know or knew before I had issues in my first 2 weeks from my surgery, not what anyone wants with any kind of surgery.
The other day was my 4 week post op appointment. Let me tell you my anxiety was just sky high. I know what you’re thinking why should it be nothing major was going to happen, well if you suffer from anxiety you know that anything and everything can make your anxiety just go crazy! Knowing that I was going to get x-rays did worry me not because of getting one I have had my fair share in the past, but because I remember how I had to get the x-rays during my pre op and I knew I wouldn’t be able to do what I had to do then. My anxiety was also high because I was afraid to receive bad news, or be told that I would have to have surgery again! So I was just all over the place!

One of the worst parts is having to do the drive. I live a good 2 hours (if I am lucky) away from the hospital but because it is summer that means construction ALL OVER! We have a saying here in Canada that we have 4 seasons winter, winter, winter and construction. I also couldn’t believe the amount of people in downtown Toronto, there are always a lot of people there but that day it was absolutely crazy. Due to the craziness of Toronto I was very late for my appointment so that really didn’t help with my anxiety.
After checking in and waiting a good 40 minutes I had to go get my x-rays. Once the x-ray technician  realized I was on crutches she moved me to a room that wasn’t very far so I didn’t have hop so far. I was very thankful for that! I really liked the women not only did she acknowledge that I just had a birthday but she was very soft spoken and just a nice women all around, she actually reminded me of a very good family friend whom was our neighbour (Katherine if you are reading this I am talking about you) before my parents and I moved. I was so happy that the x-rays only involved me laying on the table. After I had to go back to the waiting area and at this point both my dad and I were starving so lucky us had to eat hospital food.
While my dad was getting food and I was just sitting in the chair because I can’t do anything else of course I dropped my phone, just pointing out the shorts I was wearing had the worst pockets for my phone and I was dropping it all the time. I had strangers picking up my phone when they saw that I couldn’t get it myself, let me just say that the strangers I have met at this hospital are always so nice and I am not just talking about this one visit I am talking about every time I have to go there. Whilst waiting for my dad to bring me my lunch of course my name was called…. but I found out I just got moved from one waiting area to another one. It was at this point my dad came with lunch and bought me an egg salad wrap and now don’t tell my mom but it was honestly the best egg salad I have ever had and my mom can make a damn good one but this beat hers by a landslide!
Finally I was called to go into the room to see the doctor and I was already a bit mad because I wasn’t seeing one of the surgeons that did my surgery it was just some random other doctor whom was very nice but I really wanted to see my surgeon. The doctor went over my x-rays with me and as soon as he said that the good news is… I knew this meant there was bad news I was about to hear. The doctor told me that all the screws and plates are staying in place and that they are doing good. So this is where the bad news starts, I was told that where my bone had been cut in half it wasn’t healing at all, there was no sign at all of my bones fusing together so that meant that I was still unable to put ANY weight on my leg. The doctor could tell that I was upset! I now have to go back in 3 weeks for updated x-rays and see if there is any sign of healing!
I am now putting bio-oil on my scar to help with the healing. The other sad news is that I am still unable to go into the pool and for good reason but before surgery I was swimming 2-3km 5 days a week so not being in the pool for over a month is just killing me! I did ask the doctor if there is anything I can do to help with my bones and sadly the only thing I can do is just rest and wait, I am not this type of person especially when I have things I want to do. I am also now having more range of motion added to my physical therapy and not being able to use my leg let me just say that when my leg is being moved and bent by my physical therapist it feels good to have the rage of motion plus the movement of the muscles.
So now I just have to wait another 3 weeks before I find anything out. Let me just say this makes it very hard because I just want to do so many things but all I can do is just stay either in my bed or my recliner and watch movies and tv. I do read but I really just want to do other things and go places.  I also wish I could go to the store to buy some things to keep busy like yarn, I mean christmas is just around the corner and I could be knitting things for gifts!
I think this is my shortest post! Thank you for taking the time to go on this adventure with me even tho it is not a fun one but once I am all healed it will be a lot better because I will finally have a life I have only dreamed of! Below are pictures of my x-rays that were taking at my post op. The first one is of the side view and the second one is facing straight on. You can see that there is a lot of metal in my leg! Leave any suggestions of books, movie, or anything else that you think I would enjoy to pass the time.




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