Hoppy Easter

Its Easter Sunday and normally I am out at one of my aunts house for dinner but this year the family is doing their own thing, this happens a lot now with the size of the family well except for Thanksgiving that is still a family meal we all get together for.
I have never really been one to get very excited for Easter, yes as I child the Easter Bunny did come visit me but besides that this just isn’t a holiday I get excited about. I know what the real meaning of Good Friday and Easter Monday is but without offending anyone I just have a hard time believing in it all. Please don’t leave me messages giving me religious advice and all that! I do have a faith and I don’t need to be bombarded with messages about God and Jesus Christ.

So for some reason this year I decided I wanted to make cookies. Well I spent hours and hours making some of the easiest cookies out there, they only had 3 ingredients and somehow I was able to mess them up so bad that they were all completely ruined. I was so mad and upset with myself not because of all the time I spent but because of the fact there were only 3 ingredients! I ended up going out to the store (again) to buy pre made cookies all you have to do is bake them and decorate them! Well guess who forgot to time them… yes I did. Thankfully when I was checking on them they were just a tab bit burned on the bottom and when I say a tad bit burned I mean almost all black on the bottom! At this point I was done for the night I didn’t want to do anymore baking because of how much I messed up at that point! Bright and early this morning (more like 11am) I went to decorate the cookies but because of last nights mess up I didn’t have enough icing to do all the cookies. I do have to say even tho I think they look creepy they actually taste okay not great or anything but if you don’t look at the bottom you wouldn’t even know!



Kinda creepy right? There is a reason why I tell people I can’t bake but I can cook very well thankfully! Just baking is not my thing at all!
My house is starting to smell good the turkey is in the oven and my dad has no idea that I had added some stuff to it just to help make it taste better! While the turkey is in the oven I have been looking all over for the huge bucket we have full of pictures and sadly I couldn’t find it but I do have a few pictures from Easter past. Also if you want to see home videos of my first Easter when I was 4 then check out my YouTube video of My First Easter.
* My First Easter is not up yet due to the missing hard drive with the clips *


This isn’t really Easter but it is from when I first came to Canada and it was right around Easter plus I am wearing my cousins (beside me) Easter hat and I am wearing it backwards. Oh the fashion I used to have.


Such a blurry picture I know but this is my first Easter morning!


I am about 5 in this picture and it is one of my favourites. My mom would ALWAYS make me wear a new dress for Easter and then take pictures but this year a very close friend (basically family) helped me get ready. PS if you do check out my YouTube channel you will see this in the home video!
I know that once I am a mother I will enjoy Easter a lot more, basically I will enjoy all the holidays a lot more! With all this being said I do wish you and your families a very safe and happy Easter!

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