February Favourites 2016

Another month over already can you believe it? I know I can’t! I can already tell that this year is going to just fly by! I spend a lot of my time reading blogs and watching youtube videos and one of my favourites is monthly favourites. It is a great way to find new products and learn about new things that may just become your favourite!
Okay so lets just get down to it because let me just say February had a lot of new loves and I know that at least one of you will take into consideration as to what I have to say. There will also be a video over on my youtube channel on the 28th. At the very end of this post will be all the links if you wish to purchase any of the products.

Last month I was obsessed with the Naked2 pallet by Urban Decay and well this month it was the Naked3 pallet. I just absolutely love love love the colours and how easy they are to blend not to mention the pigment is beautiful. I have even been doing the same look everyday that I choose to wear makeup and I always get compliments on the look. Just do yourself a favour and go spend the money!
If you watch my videos or read my post then you know that I went on a shopping spree on makeup from ColourPop. The prices are very affordable and the products are just amazing! The pigment is crazy good! The blush and eyeshadows blend just beautifully not to mention they feel like silk! The ultra matted lipstick is defiantly that! I had problems trying to get it off at the end of the night! I will be buying more from them!
Skin Care
I have completely changed up my routine and I can feel such a difference! After I remove my makeup and use cleanser I will use not only my new love but a new addition to my routine. I just love the Burt’s Bees Rosewater Toner. It doesn’t hurt my skin at all and for those who do not know I have sensitive skin! Using this toner doesn’t hurt my skin like others and it also doesn’t give me that gross dry feeling. Oh and the best but also kinda gross part is that you can see any extra dirt or makeup that didn’t come off. I like to put some on an oval cotton pad and then gently wipe it on my face.
After I use the toner its time to moisturise my favourite part! Like A LOT of products I have had problems trying to find a great moisturiser either it is too heavy, greasy or my skin has a reaction. Gotta love having sensitive skin NOT! I also have scaring from acne and a few cuts that I have gotten over the years. I read some reviews on bio oil saying how it help reduce the scaring and that it is good for using on the face so why not try it. I don’t know if it actually helps scares from way back in the day like for example the one that I got when I was 3! I do however notice that my skin has changed a lot! I no longer have dry patches or oily patches! My skin just feels AMAZING! I like to put some all over my face and neck and let it sit there for a few minutes before I gently massage it in. I use this twice a day everyday for over a month now and I honestly feel weird if I don’t use it!
Lovely Smells
I really didn’t know how much I could fall in love with smells but at the same time I can also feel sick from smells! But lets just stick to the nice smells! Back in the summer I was gifted a body spray from Bath and Body Works and I didn’t think I would like it for a few reasons… one I only ever used candles and hand soap from Bath and Body Works and two the name of the spray just wasn’t something I would ever buy for myself. I really started using the spay the end of January and well all through February I was using it all the time! It smells just lovely and I have no shame in saying I will repeatedly smell my shirt. Also sadly this spray has been discontinued.
Back in January I went on a shopping spree in Bath and Body Works I know no surprise that I went on a shopping spree! It seems to happen all the time! If you want to read my post about it then be sure to read here. Now I do love most of the things that I bought or at least the ones I have been using but I am so in love with the shower gel Dark Kiss. I just can’t get over the smell! I will be able to smell it on myself for the rest of the day after my shower and it makes me feel better because at least I know I do not smell bad! I really wish I would of bought the rest of the line but sadly I didn’t but the next time I am in the store I will for sure be picking up the rest of the line because I kid you not the smell is AMAZING!
If you have ever see my bathroom well mainly my shower then you will know that I am obsessed with shampoo and conditioner. I am not kidding at the moment I have about 9 of each in my shower and that isn’t even all of them I still have a lot more put away. Call me a hoarder if you want I am okay with it! I will say that each one is in my shower for a reason and yes I do use them all! The main one or ones that I use are from OGX . Trust me you know the company or at least you should if you don’t! Their products are all so amazing! I don’t care what shampoo or conditioner it is by the company I already know I will love it but…. The Biotin shampoo and conditioner is just AMAZING! The smell is so yummy and I can honestly say I will smell it on my hair all day long! It also makes my hair feel so good! I love using this product so much and I will be playing with my hair all day plus it helps my curls! I want to say that I would repurchase this when its empty but I already have a few of them stocked up so I am going to be good for a while!
Have you heard about the turbie twist? Whoever invented it my hat goes off to you or should I say towel. I found this one day whilst I was walking around Bed, Bath and Beyond and I thought it was interesting so it just ended up in my cart. I just love it! It doesn’t pull out any of my hair and it feels very soft. Its not heavy on my head and I can keep it on letting it dry my hair and do my skincare and even my makeup!
We all know that music is a part of our lives and well if you are around me either in the car or at my place I am known to have music playing or I am “singing” or humming a song. If you were able to see the outtakes from my videos you would see that A LOT of it is me singing songs. I absolutely love listening to my records they sound WAY better then listening to either a CD or online or however else you can listen to music. I will always play a record as I am doing my morning routine or if I am reading or just needing a good dance and singing party. I love Adele so much and if someone tells me they don’t like her at all well there is going to be a bit of a problem… No matter what is going on in life any of her songs can relate to what is going on in my life. As we all know her newest album 25 is nothing like her other two 21 and 19. I love belting out to her songs and let me just say that playing her music on vinyl and singing along is something different! I don’t care if you have or don’t have a record player but please at least go listen to Adele’s music!
Okay as you all know or would find out after chatting with me for a few minutes I am a HUGE tea lover! I will drink it all day long! It doesn’t matter if the tea is hot or cold I am drinking it! I just love tea its like the sun to me, my life revolves around it! I am always on the lookout for new tea from either brands or flavours. Just a bit of a side not kinda… Starting March 8th I will be starting a new segment on my youtube channel called Tea Time Tuesday and it is going to be all about tea! Either learning facts about it or learning how to make your own tea bags and so on. I do wish you would be sticking around to watch the video as I am VERY excited for this segment. Anyway back to my favourite teas this past month. Growing up I would just drink orange pekoe from Tetley and it wasn’t until I was around 18 that I found out about all the type of teas out there. Tetley is still my go to brand just because I love it so much. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE strong tea the stronger the better! I am always buying tea when I am out shopping even tho I know I don’t need it. One time when I was out needed more Tetley tea I found out that there was a Tetley Bold and let me just tell you its just great! I love how strong it is and the taste of it.
Besides drinking bag tea I do very much enjoy lose leaf tea! I don’t own as much and I don’t even know why! When I was at the book store doing some shopping I found a good amount of tea and as much as I wanted to buy them all my wallet didn’t think it was as good of an idea. I ended up picking up Harney & Sons Earl Grey and it wasn’t until I got home that I found out what I thought was lose leaf tea was actually bag tea. That didn’t bug me at all tho being a tea lover I was just excited to try a new brand of tea! Let me just say this tea is so good!
Okay that was a very long post and if you read it all thank you for taking the time! My hands are now tired from typing as this post has taken me a few hours to write. If you do try any of the products I have mention be sure to let me know what you think! I am now going to go make a cup of tea and put on one of my all time favourite movies Les Miserables and have a lovely bubble bath!
Urban Decay Naked3 buy here
ColourPop buy here
Burts Bee’s Rosewater Toner buy here
Bio Oil 200ml buy here
OGX Biotin Shampoo buy here
Turbie Twist buy here
Adele 25 Vinyl buy here
Bath & Body Works Dark Kiss Shower Gel buy here
Tetley Tea Bold buy here
Harney & Sons Earl Grey Tea buy here

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