Happy 80th Birthday

Anther year another age! Last Wednesday (February 10th) it was my dads 80th birthday! 80 is such a huge number and sadly not everyone makes it to this age so that definitely called for a party! The last time my dad had a party was 10 years ago for his 70th. I wanted him to have one for his 75th but sadly he had to have heart surgery the day before. So with 80 I knew I wasn’t letting this one slide by.

I started planning his party back in the late summer early fall. I knew I wanted it to be a surprise but there was a lot of things I had to think of besides the guest list and cake! With our house up for sale I wasn’t sure where the party even was going to be! Lucky for me the location became easy once it was winter time. The guest list was coming together and I couldn’t believe how many people my dad knows. I must of invited around 50 people!
The cake had to be something amazing and the only thing I could come up with was 80 things he loves and I honestly was stuck very fast! Thankfully one night after a few glasses of wine the idea came to me! I quickly sketched out the idea so then I wouldn’t forget. I will say that everyone loved the idea and the best part was my dad told me that he really loved the design I came up with!
My dad is known for being a golfer and a curler and I knew I had to somehow have both things for his cake so I decided to have a man on the golf course teeing off but instead of a golf ball it was a curling rock and where the green would be it was the curling rink, in the house right on the button was the flag for the 18th hole! I really didn’t think it would come together as well as it did!
It was the date of the party and there were 15 guest that came and let me tell you if was definitely a full house and I know for a fact everyone had a great time! My parents were supposed to arrive at the house around 2:30 and well an hour later they finally showed up and the look on my dads face was amazing he couldn’t believe everyone that was there!


Many drinks later it was definitely cake time and as everyone knows that means gifts! He couldn’t believe all the gifts he was given and a lot of them were wines that him and I will definitely be drinking together! My dad is one of my favourite drinking buddies! My favourite part was his face when he opened the gift from me. I gave him Johnny Reid’s newest cd and 2 tickets to his concert that is in March in Toronto! My dad loves Johnny Reid thanks to me!


By the end of the night and MANY drinks later my parents and I were all very tired! My dad thanked me many times for everything I did and he told me this was his best birthday ever! Also the highlight of the night besides surprising my dad was the fact that almost everyone of us couldn’t work the darn coffee maker!


So with that all being said this was definitely a birthday to remember! I just wish I had more pictures from the day but I am happy that I have the pictures and videos that I have, and yes I am planning of having another party for his 85th and 90th and so on if life allows it. That was kind of a morbid way to end this. I leave you with a quote my dad likes to tell me…
“Oles get me another beer”

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