ColourPop Makeup

Online shopping is a girls best friend, mainly because one you don’t have to go anywhere and also because you can do it anytime of the day no matter how much you have had to drink…. Let me just say I went on a shopping spree around 3am after a few glasses of wine… okay after a bottle of wine!
I have been reading reviews and watching a lot of videos about the company and so I just thought its time to try it for myself… I do remember ordering a lot of things but I will say that I completely forgot what I ordered by the time it arrived. The package was way bigger then I was expecting but I do not regret anything!

There were 3 boxes full of makeup! I have been using some of the products already and I am in love! Also the fact that all the products are very affordable makes it even better!
I can honestly not believe the pigment of everything and to mention that I have so many problems getting the swatches I did off my arm and hand. The colour will last all day and the only thing I have to touch up is either the lippie sticks or the ultra matted lip gloss but that is only because I drink A LOT of tea throughout the day!
I can already tell that my February favourites is going to have a lot of colourpop in it! I also have a video on my YouTube channel that will be up on January 21st so be sure to check it out! So until then you will just have to do with the swatches.

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