February Favourites 2016

Another month over already can you believe it? I know I can’t! I can already tell that this year is going to just fly by! I spend a lot of my time reading blogs and watching youtube videos and one of my favourites is monthly favourites. It is a great way to find new products and learn about new things that may just become your favourite!
Okay so lets just get down to it because let me just say February had a lot of new loves and I know that at least one of you will take into consideration as to what I have to say. There will also be a video over on my youtube channel on the 28th. At the very end of this post will be all the links if you wish to purchase any of the products.

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Happy 80th Birthday

Anther year another age! Last Wednesday (February 10th) it was my dads 80th birthday! 80 is such a huge number and sadly not everyone makes it to this age so that definitely called for a party! The last time my dad had a party was 10 years ago for his 70th. I wanted him to have one for his 75th but sadly he had to have heart surgery the day before. So with 80 I knew I wasn’t letting this one slide by. Continue reading

ColourPop Makeup

Online shopping is a girls best friend, mainly because one you don’t have to go anywhere and also because you can do it anytime of the day no matter how much you have had to drink…. Let me just say I went on a shopping spree around 3am after a few glasses of wine… okay after a bottle of wine!
I have been reading reviews and watching a lot of videos about the company and so I just thought its time to try it for myself… I do remember ordering a lot of things but I will say that I completely forgot what I ordered by the time it arrived. The package was way bigger then I was expecting but I do not regret anything!

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