Brush Straightener

There is always something new out there in the technology. Most of the time it is stupid or a waist of money. One of the newest ones in the beauty department is the brush that can straighten your hair! I will admit when I first saw it I was like OH MY GOSH!!!! It wasn’t long before I noticed that the few videos out there were always people with thin and almost straight hair! So I started to think that there was no way it could work on my type of hair even tho it claims it can! My hair type is A LOT and very curly! Basically I have the hair everyone wants. I am not kidding when I say I have A LOT of hair!

I really wanted to know if this worked or not so I decided to take the jump and buy one! It also helped that I got it half off from a boxing day sale! I was SO excited when it arrived in the mail that I had to film the video of my first impression right then! Now I will say that I did not take any pictures of my hair before I used it but I do encourage you all to watch the video because this thing is absolutely AMAZING! I love it so much! It didn’t take long to get all my hair straight and I could not believe how long it lasted! It was snowing that day and normally when I get my hair straight if its snowing it doesn’t take long before my hair gets frizzy or starts to go curly again… well let me tell you it didn’t! My hair was just as straight by the end of the day. I honestly could not believe it! I could write forever about this but the best thing is to go see it in action click HERE to watch the video!
If you are interested in buying the same one as I have click HERE to go to the web page. THIS IS NOT A PAID POST! I WAS NOT TOLD WHAT TO WRITE OR SAY IN THE VIDEO, THIS IS JUST MY HONEST REVIEW.



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