Bath & Body Works

It has been a while since I have go into Bath & Body Works and there is a reason why… Anytime I go in I tend to buy about half and years worth of soap and candles and I never regret anything! I will say that this time when I went in almost everything was 75% off, how can you pass up a sale that is 75% off! This was the first time I have walked out without any candles, I just had way too much in my bag  that I couldn’t even think about adding candles.

When I was shopping I didn’t even smell any of the soaps I just put them in my bag. Dancing Waters I bought back in the spring or last winter I can’t remember now but I just loved it and the Japanese Cheery Blossoms I also have in the 3 wick candle and it is one of my favourites!
This is also the first time that I have bought myself the body mist. I normally like to wear perfume not body mist and yes there is a difference. There are 3 reasons as to why I bought them one a friend of mine gave me one of the body mists back in the summer and I just fell in love so I knew that I wanted to pick some up. Reason two hello 75% off! Not that I need another reason but two of them have shimmer and I absolutely LOVE glitter and shimmery things!
I wasn’t going to pick up shower gels as I am a very picky person but again 75% off plus the Dark Kiss smelled AMAZING! When I was in the store and smelled I can honestly say I said out loud for others to here “oh that’s amazing”.


At this point my bag was full and my arm was tired from holding such a heavy bag, while I was in the queue I started looking at everything that they have for sale there, this is a very smart on the store, I always see people add things into the cart while waiting their turn. Well again 75% off but thankfully I only found one thing that I liked. I just thought this is so small and would be great to keep in my purse or my backpack for school.
Well now that I am fully stocked up I have no idea what soap to put in my bathroom I have a lot to choose from. I am very excited to use all of the products. Let me know what some of your favourites are, I am always looking for new soaps, candles, shower gels and even body mist to try.

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