Dried Oranges

I have always loved the look of dried oranges and have seen them all over the place during the fall and winter seasons but I absolutely refuses to pay money for something that I can do myself!





I sliced my oranges fairly thin so that way I could get a lot more slices per orange. I next placed the slices on paper towel and some on top to help absorb as much of the juices as possible. While I was doing this I turned my oven on at 150 f. Once I was able to get as much of the juice off of the oranges I then transferred them onto a baking sheet and into the oven they went. It wasn’t very long before my apartment smelled like oranges and seeing how I just did a deep clean of my place it was just lovely! I actually don’t know how long the oranges were in the oven for because well I got distracted but it was a few hours. You will know they are done when they looked dried out and they should feel firm (be careful they will be hot). I left mine to cool down before I put them in my living room. Also just wanted to say that they smell just lovely! I can not get over the smell!
I am now wanting to dry out more fruit and make a lovely arraignment come spring time and if I do I will for sure have a post about it!

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