Clean Brushes

How many of you actually clean your makeup brushes? Yea that’s what I thought! Well I never used to clean mine either not because I was lazy or anything (well that is part of the reason) but because I just didn’t really care. Let me tell you that is one of the worst things you can do or not do depending how you look at it.

Without cleaning your brushes you’re allowing SO much bacteria to not only grow inside the brush but you’re applying it onto your face. When using a brush it touches your face and while doing so it will pick up the lovely tiny bugs that live on our faces (I try not to think about it), dead skin and more. They will all love living inside the brush as its a warm and safe place to grow bacteria! The next time you go to use your brush not only are you reapplying the bacteria but you are also picking up the new one, this cycle is endless.
Okay so now that I have grossed myself out (sorry but not sorry if I grossed you out) please clean your brushes! Its best to clean them at least once a month and on top of that I suggest investing into a spray brush cleaner to use after each use. This won’t give the brush such a good deep clean but it will keep the bacteria at a low. You can go to your local drugstore or if you are like me go to Sephora! Not only will your brushes be a lot healthier they will also last longer!


These are all my dirty brushes and let me tell you they are VERY dirty! I like to use Dove body wash because one it smells great, leaves my brushes very soft and also I like what Dove stands for!



So if you do not know how to clean your brushes don’t worry it is super easy and all you need is soap and warm water. Make sure to keep the the brush facing down so the water doesn’t go into the handle, that will give you so many other problems that will result in replacing the brush!



When cleaning your brush add a small amount of soap to the palm of your have and take your brush and go in either a clockwise or counterclockwise motion, you want to get a good lather going but as you can see this brush is super dirty and it took more then once to get it clean.



This brush I use all the time when applying my foundation so as you can see it is VERY dirty!





Look how clean that brush looks now!


My beauty blender took FOREVER to clean! It didn’t help that because its like a sponge it absorbs EVERYTHING!




At this point I was finally done cleaning all the brushes and as you can tell my hand was completely prune like (is that what you call it?).


Once you are done cleaning your brushes just lay them out on a towel to dry and then enjoy the feeling of clean brushes!
I hope you clean your brushes! If you have any questions please leave them in the commits and I will be sure to answer them!

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