Cleaning and Fixing Up Houses

I can’t believe it has been almost 2 months since I announced that my parents and I are moving! The amount of things that have changed in that little time is just crazy, well at least for me!
Our house is a disaster zone right now with everything being moved into our storage unit lucky for us its just outside our house so we save gas there! That doesn’t mean it isn’t a lot of work! You never realize how much crap you have until it is time to move or better yet clean everything out of your house!

There is so much work to fix up the house lucky for us 99% of it my dad and I can fix ourselves! I find the hardest part of all of this isn’t the cleaning or fixing up (I love building and fixing this) no the hardest part is having to choose what to keep, what to throw away and what to donate! I have about 95% of my childhood toys and clothes and having to choose what to keep isn’t easy at all! Also the fact that my parents want me to not bring all my shoes well lets just say I am NOT giving up my shoes!
While all of this is a lot of work and also A LOT of stress, my parents and I have been fighting daily mainly due to stress, we have looked at a great home an hour north of where we are now. This new house is amazing but right now its a bit of a dump…
There is so much to fix up with the new house and I love it! I get to build and design my own bedroom and bathroom and that makes me very happy! On top of that there is A LOT of painting to be done and I mean A LOT! Thankfully there is only one area that need the carpet ripped up and put new flooring down but of course that room happens to be the biggest. The other part that I am super excited to fix up is the deck! I can’t wait to rip it up and design a new one that will be bigger and a lot better.
So needless to say the new house is a fixer upper and I just love that idea on top of the actually house and its location! Oh and that it is also only a half hour drive to college (stay tuned for that blog post). I also really enjoy the idea of family living only 10 minutes away! I haven’t ever lived near family so this is exciting for me.
The location of the house is just beautiful it is such a small town and I mean small but WAY bigger from where I am living now! Across the road from the house is the river that I can fish, maybe swim, and even use a canoe! This makes me happy!
As you can tell I am very excited for this move! I will still be sad to move because I grew up in my house and my friends live nearby but it is the best thing for myself and my parents.
Once the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed I will for sure let you all know and post pictures of how it looks and the process of fixing it all up!

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