What Am I Doing Wrong?

I really don’t understand what has happened.
I go to the gym about 6 days a week sometimes less if my knees are hurting to the point where I can’t walk. When I am at the gym I am there for an hour and a half to two hours. I do cardio and weight lifting everyday working different muscles.

The other day I decided to step on the scale after seeing inches lost. To my surprise I haven’t lost ANY weight but in fact I have gained! This made me so mad and upset, I didn’t think it was correct so I tried again the next day and the day after and it said the same thing!
I drink lots of water and even drink a lot of organic green tea. I don’t eat sugar and I defiantly don’t eat chocolate or fast food. I eat a lot healthy organic food. I watch what type of foods I put into my body. 80% of my meat is fish and chicken and 95% of my chicken is free range due to the fact I do not want to add chemicals into my system.
I do not eat white anything, no white rice, pasta, or even potatoes. My bread super healthy and has to stay frozen or else it will get mouldy within a few days. My pasta is brown rice pasta and my rice well it is brown rice too.
My diet is very healthy and I exercise all the time. So what is going wrong where I am gaining weight when in fact I should be loosing weight?!
I am now convinced it is something to do with my body and not how I am taking care of it. I have made myself a doctors appointment to see if my GP has any ideas of what is happening!
The worst part of all this besides the fact of gaining weight is that I can’t have my surgery without losing weight and now I have to lose even more weight!
Hopefully I can figure out what is wrong and start loosing weight!

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