Moving House Again

In the past 5 years I have moved 8 times. 8 TIMES! That is crazy! It seems that as soon as I get myself settled into a place it is time to move again.
At the moment I am living with my parents and I have changed my room so many times, I feel like I am doing something new each year! The most recent thing I have done is my chalkboard wall and I redid my closet. I have been thinking about wanting to paint one of my other walls. Seems pointless now.

 Finally as my room is coming together and it set up the way I like it well it is time to move. You would think by now I am good at it but sadly I am not. I do have to say that half of the times I have moved have been to move back to my parents house.
The difference with this move is that I will no longer be moving back into the village I live in, why? Well the time has come to sell the house! Within the year this amazing house that I love so much will be put up for sale and a new family will be the owner of this amazing house and property.
It is so hard for me to imagine selling this place. No matter what has happened I always knew that I could come back and enjoy the amazing county life. Or even if I just needed time away from where I was living with my roommate.
Every inch of the house and property has a memory. I can take anyone all over and tell you more then one memory of something good, bad or ugly that has happened. The amount of change that has happened during my time here is amazing!
As hard as this is for me to leave this house forever I can’t image how hard it is for my parents! They bought this land, had the house designed and even built it! They also planted all the trees, well except for the ones that I helped my dad plant on our driveway.
I wasn’t joking when I said there are memories ALL over!
As sad as I am to have to say good-bye I am super excited to move! I love setting up a new place and the fact that my mom has asked me to decorate the new place is very exciting for me. The other nice thing about moving is that we are moving farther up north and close to family. I have never lived close to family, well expect for the few months when I did live my aunt, uncle and cousins. I love that I will be near 2 of my aunts and uncles and even near one of my cousins.
Luckily we will still be in the county! So that is great. I can’t stand living in a city I have done that before and couldn’t stand it.
It is just sad to think that once winter is over all the renovation will be starting and then the FOR SALE sign will be put up. I can’t imagine how I am going to be once it’s time to move into our new place.
I have posted some pictures mainly of me growing up here and if you want to see a video of my first Christmas then be sure to watch!
Every spring my dad and I would go around and pick up all the garbage
 This was one of the best summers when I took down the shed and redid it to look like a barn
You can see how much has changed in 20 years.
Do you wanna build a snowman?
Building a train or a bus out of boxes was a normal thing for me to do
I loved my bubble baths
I still play with blocks to this day!
My mother loved to dress me up every Easter, I did not…



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