2 New Legs Please

Well it is official I am defiantly having 2 surgeries on my legs. Actually it was official back in November but I was waiting to see another surgeon to get a second option.
I have always been the type that falls over nothing and always have some injury a few times every year. Growing up my parents and I never thought anything of it. I remember sometimes when I would be swimming, skating or even just getting out of the car my knee cap would dislocate and that hurt A LOT.

One day near the end of grade 12 I was at the local park with a good friend of mine and we were playing a game called grounders, thats when one person is “it” and keep their eyes closed while saying grounder whenever they think someone is on the ground… you get the idea right? Good now lets get back to what I was saying… My friend was “it” and I was on the sand trying to go from one spot to another and well I remember the worst pain I have ever felt in my knee and I remember I fell I wanted to cry but couldn’t make any sounds or tears for a while, I looked at my leg and well It was as if it was out of a movie from the knee down it wasn’t where it should be. Thankfully my friend knew something was wrong because she couldn’t hear me and came rushing over when she saw I was hurt. Long story short it ended in me having to get an ambulance to take me to the ER, I learned that my knee dislocated and I was given a half cast and was on crutches for 3 months!
Side note due to this injury I was unable to attend my high school prom 😦
Over the past 9 years my knees have been getting worse and worse and I have seen so many different surgeons. One told me about a major surgery where my legs would have to be broken but he said I had to lose a lot of weight. It seems as if every year or two I was seeing a surgeon and was always told the same thing, lose weight, its not that bad, suck it up.
3 years ago I was horseback ridding and well the horse got spooked and went to buck me off but I got stuck in the sterup and well like when I was at the park from my knee down wasn’t where it should of been, I finally got free and fell, lucky for me when I fell my lower leg went back the way it should be. As I was trying to pull myself to the edge of the indoor arena the horse came running over and well ran over me! I somehow got myself up (without putting ANY weight on my leg) got the horse and took off her saddle and even got her back to the field, I then drove myself 2 hours to the ER when I got there my knee was so swollen the nurse had to cut my pants, the doctor looked at it and said all I did was bruised it and sent me on my way. I ended up having to go back the next day as it was getting worse and was giving morphine to take for a few months and was put on crutches again… I do have to say that because of the morphine I couldn’t feel the pain and ended up off my crutches WAY too early and even had to move during all this and well due to all that I never healed correctly.
I was sent to another surgeon who mention that surgery was an option but he wanted me to try physio first (like I haven’t been down this road before), so I did what he asked and even lost 100 pounds! The more weight I was losing the worse my knees where hurting, so finally after a long time of complaining to my family doctor he sends me to 2 surgeons one being who I saw the last time and another one I heard about from a neighbour.
So back in November I was told that I do need to go through with surgery. When I was told this I was in shock I couldn’t believe that I am going to have to go through this but just wait it gets a lot worse… I was expecting just something simple where I am only in the hospital for a day or two but I learn that I need what is call a Tibia Rotation, basically what that is is when my tibia is cut in half, rotated and I will be getting plates and screws in my leg on top of getting work done all around my knee and getting it all cleaned up. I ended up getting my name on a 18 month waiting list as this the only doctor in Ontario to do this surgery.
A few weeks ago I received a phone call from this other surgeon wanting me to come in. So today I drove the hour to go see him (this would be one of the downsides to living in the middle of no where, having to drive so far for anything). After talking to him and having him examen my knees he agreed with the surgery I need. I told him I wanted a second option and also wanted to know if there was any other way to fix my problem without such an invasive surgery. Sadly this is my only option, well that  is a lie my other option is to do nothing and get worse and wore and have my knees keep dislocating and well not be able to live a good life.
So it looks like I can’t get around this and that I am going to be getting “new legs”. I am super scared for it as I have never had surgery before and never had to spend overnight in the hospital! My recovery time isn’t easy either. I will be spending a week in the hospital and then I will not be able to put ANY weight on my leg for 4 weeks until I go back for a check up and get the okay from the doctor, from there I will be spending the next 6 months at physio and on crutches. 7 months after my left leg gets done my right leg will be getting done and then I get to go through it all over again!
I am just hoping that my friends and family will come visit me while I am in the hospital but I don’t think anyone will be due to the fact that the hospital is in Toronto and also the fact that no one wants to drive there even tho there is transit!
If you are still reading THANK YOU and I am sorry for this being such a long blog post but well actually I am not sorry because this is just me and what I am going to be going through sometime in the next year! Oh did I mention I could get up to 3 days notice about when I will be having the surgery? No, well yes it is true I could find out a few months to weeks to days advance! I am not sure what I would prefer more. With a few months it is more time to think and worry about, but on the other had a lot has to be done in order to get the house set up for me. Then again if I only have a few days well there isn’t enough time to think about it!
Okay I think I am done for today! Just one request… Any recommendation for things to bring to keep busy while in the hospital seeing how I will be stuck in bed or a wheel chair! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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