Future House


I long for the day that I get home to an amazing house or apartment with my 2 cats Molly and Shy and even a dog preferable a pug.


I have it all pictured in my head on what I would want from it. I want a place with at least 2 bedrooms, an office, huge bathroom with a clawfoot bathtub and a walk in closet would be lovely too. Also a beautiful kitchen with and island and bar stools.
Clearly I would want 2 bedrooms one for myself and one for guests if I could have a few more bedrooms that would be nice too as you never know who may be spending the night.
An office so I have my own place to sit down and write or paint, play computer games and even record forĀ my youtube channel. Just a nice quite office with lots of natural lighting.
I am a huge fan of bathrooms and just LOVE clawfoot bathtubs! I always fancied them since I was a child but when I was around 13 I went in one for the first time and well lets just say no bathtub has been the same since! I just love the idea of having a relaxing bath with my lush products, candles and some relaxing music playing, to me this is heaven.
A walk in closet well what can I say I own A LOT of clothes and shoes and I never seem to have enough room to put everything!

I absolutely love cooking and baking! So I can’t have some small kitchen with little to no counter space, I have been there and I can not stand it!

Yes all of this would be amazing to have but I know I won’t be able to get all of this in the near future unless I win the lottery, and seeing how I do not buy any lottery tickets I don’t see that happening.
I know what my must haves are in a house or and apartment, now theses are similar to my dream house but well that is a completely different story! I just hope one day I will be able to buy my dream house or better yet build it seeing how I have it all designed already.
Until the day comes I will just keep designing homes on paper.
I do have to say I absolutely love redecorating rooms and have so many ideas and well my room alone has been redone so many times and yet again is in the process of being redone again…
Once I am finished I will post before and after pictures and I may even do a room tour video.

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