One Up Me Not

We all have pet peeves, I have more then fingers and toes to count. One of my biggest ones would have to be when someone one ups me! I can’t stand it at all and we all know someone if not more then one person who does this!
You know what I’m talking about, when your with a friend or a group of friends and you say something like “I got a new job” and as your friends are getting all happy there is someone else that starts with “Well I got promoted and I get this huge raise and blah blah blah” because at this point you stop listing and are just thinking how rude this person is.

That was just an example I will give you a real life situation that happened to me the other day with my friend and let me just say that I was in a bad mood to begin with and I was already upset so having my friend just cut me off well I will say I was holding back my anger and tears.
I was out for coffee with one of my friends lets call her Beth and I just got out of the gym and for those of you who don’t know I am waiting for 2 surgeries on my legs. I was in a lot of pain and was having problems walking, when Beth noticed I was limping she asked me what was wrong, I told her my knees are in a lot of pain and that it really hurts to walk. As soon as I said that Beth just said that her knee will hurt and that I don’t even know the type of pain she was in.
First off yes I do know the pain.
Second, I have been dealing with my knees dislocating since I was a child.
3rd, I am waiting for MAJOR surgery.
So as she is still talking I am not even listening to her talk because it is taking everything in my power to not get super mad at her and it is also taking everything in me not to cry. Let me just say that I don’t cry that often when I am sad, I cry when I am mad, scared and when people think I don’t understand something. I am not sure why I am like this but sadly I am!
Once you get cut off by the one upper you don’t feel like talking anymore and if your like me you just want to get into your bed, hide under the covers and cry.
My friends one upping me happens so often I can’t stand it! It makes my anxiety sky rocket. I have even gone into a panic attack which makes it even worse. Why do you feel the need to do this? I just don’t understand.
Can people just stop being the one upper! No one likes when you do it, no one likes how they feel after you do it. Just stop! There are many ways to one up someone it doesn’t always have to be good news it can be from something sad, happy, scary to really anything!
So if your the one upper friend just remember your actually being a bully!



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