Birthdays Are The Best

Another year another age luckily I’m not talking about my birthday well at least not for a few more months. Yesterday my mom and I celebrated my dad’s birthday and like always he got spoiled!
While my dad did already know about his main gift due to the fact that he picked it out and it is already set up but he sure was surprised when he opens his other 2 gifts!

Due to his birthday falling on a Tuesday that ment two different things, one that he had to work and two one of our favourite restaurants wasn’t open. We ended up going to another restaurant that we love very much and know the owners very well and have for years. Their daughter and I used to be the best of friends until you know high school.
Now this restaurant isn’t like a Montana’s or Jack Astor’s, this is a place that you do not wear jeans! So I love it because I get to “dress up”, with that meaning I just wore leggings and my favourite dress shirt that has bicycles all over it.  Sadly I didn’t give myself enough time to do my hair because I spent too long in the shower and doing my makeup.
While in the car ride there (takes a half hour) I was playing music from my phone like I always do and like always my parents were surprised at the songs I was playing. I am not sure why they are still surprised at the “oldies” that I play when they brought me up on the classics. We were listing to music from Joni Mitchell, Linda Ronstradt and Anne Murray just to name a few. We were all enjoying the songs very much, while I was singing and imaging that I was on a stage with thousands of people listing, my parents were reminiscing about memories that each song was bringing up.
While at dinner it seemed as if it was everyones birthday. I read once that you share your birthday with at least 8 other people and I would say for my dad it is true, yet I still don’t know anyone with the same birthday as me…
Normally when my parents and I go out for dinner we share an appetizer and while my mom didn’t like what my dad and I ordered I do have to say it was a tad bit creepy to look at but it sure tasted amazing! Anywhere we go that has calamari my dad and I have to order it!
For dinner I ordered what was called Jurassic Shrimp Pasta. It included angle hair pasta which is my absolute favourite. It also have some spinach and a lot of vegetables. It was in a oil dressing and let me just say this is my favourite entrée that they have!
Desert time! Now I do not eat sweets anymore but because it was my dads birthday I felt like it was okay to have something sweet. There was so many thing to choose from but sadly many of them have chocolate in them, if you do not know I can not eat chocolate due to the very painful and long lasting migraines it gives me. I have 3 choices to pick from, apple crumble, frozen lime cheesecake or crème brûlée. I knew my dad was going to have the apple crumble and I also knew my mom was going to have one of the many cheesecakes. I was going to order the frozen lime cheesecake as I do enjoy cheesecake very much but I have this weird thing about me where I can’t order the same thing as someone else. I had no problem ordering crème brûlée due to the fact that I just love it so very much!
At this point we were all very full and ready to go home to relax!
When we got home I gave my dad the rest of his gifts and his birthday cards. When he was reading my card on the cover of it there is a picture of a dad with his daughter on his shoulders and my dad started going on about how he remembers when I was a child how he would always do this, I found it funny that he said that because I posted a picture on my Facebook of me when I was almost 4 on his shoulders and it is one of my favourite pictures of us. When I showed my dad the picture he started going on into the memories of when I was a small child and the games we would play.
Now that his birthday is over I am starting to plan his next birthday as it will be a surprise party, I know what your thinking its a year away why start so early? To answer your question next year my dad will be turing 80 and that is defiantly an age to celebrate with family and friends! The last party we had for my dad was his 70th. I believe that he is long over due for a party!



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