Hair and Makeup

I am not one to wear makeup or style my hair, as a teenager I did wear makeup but like most of the other girls my age all it really consist of was blue or silver eye shadow and some black eye liner. My hair well it was always up in a pony tale. It wasn’t often that I would let my hair down but sure enough the one day when I was 16 that I keep it natural and down there is a picture….

I just never cared about doing my hair, it was just easier to throw it up in a bun or pony then to actually do anything. For those who do not know I have a lot of hair so it looks thick even tho it is fine and it is also very curly. So to actually do anything to it was just too much work and not to mention I was always in some sport from swimming, figure skating to curling and well hair just gets in the way!
One thing that I would always make sure was done was colouring my hair! I started back in grade 5 and well I didn’t see my natural until a few years ago when I shaved all my hair off. I have had every colour you can think of from natural colours to the colour of one of Katy Perry’s wigs. To this day I would have to say I really enjoy a nice dark red, or my blond.
While in grade 12 like everyone else it was time to start thinking about college and what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Now I am not like others because what I want the most from life isn’t something you can make money from so I really had to think. I would change my mind as much as I changed my hair colour and believe me that was a lot.
I remember wanting to be a chef, photographer, run a hotel, work with animals and become a doctor that is just a few. I never could choose what I wanted and I feel sorry for my parents who had to listen to me say that I was going to go to school for…..
While I was in grade 12 I was also working full time at Tim Horton’s and one of my coworkers always had flawless makeup and I would always comment  on it. One day when it was super slow we got to talking and she told me about how she is in school for hairdressing. That interested me mainly because she told me it was a privet school and that as long as you have the money you get “accepted”. When I got home I started talking to my parents about it and well fast forward 6 months I was still talking about it so my parents agreed that I should look into it further due to the fact that I was still saying I wanted to go to beauty school.
So long story short (I am really bad at these) I ended up going to beauty school but little did I know that I would graduate with not only a diploma in hairdressing but I also got my diploma in makeup, and I got certified in waxing, manicures & pedicures and facials. So the easiest thing to say is that I’m a beautician.
I spend many years working in a salon but was only working on hair and doing facial waxing. I did enjoy and learned a lot from it and even learned how much I loved doing full head of foils while my back didn’t like it. I even learned that I was very good at waxing eyebrows and because of these two things my clientele grew.
In January 2013 I ended up leaving the salon as I didn’t enjoy what I was doing anymore, I told people that it’s not my passion when the truth was I wasn’t growing where I was working and I wasn’t using all my skills that I have. Now I do still do hair here and there but I never looked back and thought how I missed it or at least I never told anyone how much I actually miss doing hair.
The only thing is I don’t want to just work on hair I want to be able to do makeup as this was a lot of fun and I have done a lot of makeup for events in the last 8 years! I also get asked on a weekly basis tips and tricks about makeup or how to do a certain style and I have always been happy to help when in fact I rather just do their makeup.
I have never told anyone this actually so you are learning about a deep dark secret of mine and if you don’t know what it is well I will help you out, I truly miss working in the beauty field! I would love to get back into it. There are so many things I miss about this industry, I miss the people I would meet and learning about what they have gone through in life and what they hope to accomplish. I miss having to “dress up” and putting my make up on!
Okay so now you know about my secret, like I said I have never told anyone about it because I already know what everyone will say and well honestly I don’t need to hear it anymore.
To this day I still do not do my hair or my makeup. If I am well its a very natural look where you can’t tell I am wearing any, and my hair well it is still pulled into a bun. Every once in a while I do love to go full blow out on my makeup and SOMETIMES I will style my hair.
With all this being said if you have any questions, or you would like a makeover by me (includes hair and makeup) then please send me an email and I will talk you through pricing and we can go from there but be aware that I will be taking pictures to build up my portfolio.

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