Phone Case’s

With all the different types of phone cases out there your options are endless! I recently upgraded my phone from the IPhone 5 to the IPhone 6 Plus, yes its a huge phone but after using it for a few weeks the size doesn’t even phase me and I am just in love with it! Enough of that this isn’t a review on the IPhone 6 Plus its about the cases I bought for it.

The day I got the phone I was walking around the mall looking for a case and while there were many stores that had them I just couldn’t find one that I was willing to spend more the $2 on! So my search continued. I ended up leaving the mall with a few bags from shopping all unplanned, a new phone but still no case!
When I got home I started my search online. I was looking on Amazon, Etsy, Groupon and even Ebay. I was able to find so many choices. From this point I had to narrow it down, that was the hard part! I finally found one that I really liked and then out of no where I found one that had a bicycle on it! I have a huge love for bicycles and always have since I was a child! I knew this was the case for me but there was another case that I really wanted! So I had to choose, I chose the leather wallet phone case.
After placing my order I was told it would take 2-3 weeks as the case was coming from China or Japan I am not sure but I know it wasn’t USA or Canada, and wasn’t from the Amazon shop but from a store that sells on Amazon. I wasn’t too discouraged due to the price! This just meant I had to be very careful with my phone and that isn’t a easy job for me at all!
The next day my dad was talking to me about needing to spend another $20 on Amazon so he could get free shipping, well once I heard that I told him that there is this phone case that I really want and it has a bicycle on it. My dad knowing my love for bicycles asked how much and to show him the case on Amazon. Within minutes sure enough he had ordered the case! I was so happy until he told me it was going to be 2-3 weeks before it will arrive. That did discourage me a bit because it was being shipped from USA and I really wanted the case sooner.
My dad got an email a few days later to inform him that my phone case has been shipped and the next day I received an email from Amazon to inform me that the case I ordered has been shipped. Now knowing that the 2 cases have been shipped within a day of each other and that they were both due to arrive the same time I was anxious for the 2-3 weeks to come.
A week later there was a package in the mailbox addressed to my dad and me not thinking anything of it thought it was the movie he ordered, when my dad got home from work he opened the package only to tell me that it was my phone case! I was so ecstatic for many reasons one being that I only had to wait a week, that I finally have a case for my phone and that the case has a bicycle on it!
I was in love with the case and everyone who would see it commit on how nice it look and how it looks very similar to my bicycle tattoo that I have on my arm. This of course made me very happy.
Jumping to a week later I get a package in the mail yet again not expecting it to be my phone case but something else I have ordered well I was wrong and I clued in very fast… I mean just by looking at the shipping label as there was Chinese or Japanese on it. Once I saw that I knew it was my leather wallet case! I wanted to open it right away but was too busy playing The Sims 4 to even fully register what I had just received!
I can say that I am so in love with both my cases and now have to choose which case to use most of the time… I do love them both for different reasons and you can’t blame me.
I would defiantly recommend either case for your phone you can get them for different phones but not all so be sure to read what model it is for before ordering.
Bicycle Case
Leather Wallet Case



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