Single Girls Love Valentines Day

Okay so one would assume that judging by the tittle I am single and my friends you are correct…
Now there are many perks to being single for example I don’t have to listen to a man complain when he is sick, I don’t have to worry about the toilet seat being left up and I just don’t have to deal with the constant need of being asked for hanky panky… yes I went old school deal with it.

At the same time there are A LOT more disadvantages to being single for example whenever I see couples I am constantly reminded about how I am alone and when it comes to weddings well being the single one I don’t get asked when I am getting married no it is worse I get asked “Oles why can’t you find a man?” Gee thanks people like I haven’t been asking myself that question!
With Valentines just around the corner I am sicken with so many thoughts and in case you can’t tell I do not like this stupid day. I know what you are thinking “Oles it is because you are single, once you are in a relationship you will love this day!” Sorry to burst your bubble but NO! I have been in 2 relationships during this day and well lets just say my cats giving me some of their crap from the little box is better then my experience!
Let me bring you back 7 years ago to 2008…..
Its February 14th and I am super excited as I am spending my Valentines day with my boyfriend! While he is working we have plans to meet up when he is done… I have spent time on my hair and make-up, picked out a comfy but “sexy” outfit and I even cleaned my car out earlier that day….
I am getting ready to go out the door I have his gift of a gorilla in a cage that sings some stupid song as it shakes, you all remember these right?
After driving the 30 minutes to go pick him up I am very excited and nervous… He gets in my car and well this is where is ALL goes down hill…. He gives me a carnation, I was thinking okay its not a rose but it is a flower, until he told me that its the table centrepiece at his work and that they had one on all the tables…. In my head of course I’m thinking how cheap are you!
That was all he had planned, no dinner no drinks no dancing NOTHING! I am not saying I wanted to be taken out somewhere but I mean you work at a restaurant you could of brought some dinner to share.  Long story short he broke up with me a few weeks later via text message when I was in Toronto at my grandmothers visitation…. Wow what great timing!
Okay so I am not going to go into detail about my other experience with another ex because well it was only last year and that relationship was well I don’t know how to say it nice so like my momma told me “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”
So now that you are up to speed I hope you understand where I am coming from. I know for a fact that there are going to be a lot of men and women that get engaged like every year, men feel like they have to spend all this money and plan all these things to make his women or man happy and well I just don’t understand! I have always said that if I was ever purposed to on Valentines day I would say no and walk out, not out of the relationship well maybe because if my future husband thinks that I would say yes on that day of all days well then he doesn’t know me very well.
Walking through what my small town calls a mall all I am seeing is hearts and lovey dovey crap and candy… Why do we feel like we must show our partner how much we love them on February 14th? I believe in showing your love everyday! If you see something in the store you think would be a great gift then buy it and give it to your partner it doesn’t have to be for their birthday, Christmas, Valentines, or even an anniversary. Just buy it for them because you saw it and thought they would like it you don’t need an agenda behind it!
If I was the type of girl to eat candy or chocolate then February 15th would be a great day when it all goes on sale but candy is pure sugar and I know how hard I have to work just to burn it off and chocolate gives me migraines and it is not worth the satisfaction of 2 minutes for 10 hours of a migraine not to even mention the amount of fats, calories etc etc….
So with all this being said I do not have plans for this year and I don’t want to! It will just be like every other night where I curl up in bed with a hot cup or herbal tea, my two beautiful cats and Netflix! Yes that sounds like a great Valentines night to me! It also sounds like every night.
Now with this all being said I am very happy for everyone who has plans with their partner, for all the people getting roses and chocolates, stuff toys and whatever else comes with this day! People wonder why October/November is the highest for babies being born….
I wish you all a happy Valentines Day

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  1. I totally agree. Valentines days is just a hallmark holiday, and I hate when my boyfriend buys me useless crap. I've told him time and time again to stop, so hopefully this year he will stop and we can make valentines day a regular day!


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